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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't LinkMaster just automated submission software?

NO it is not.

LinkMaster is different from automated submission services which submit your site to largely irrelevant and inappropriate "free for all" directories purely to obtain a link. Their promise is or slogan is usually - Submit your site to thousands of directories within weeks for a one of payment of $$$

Firstly, directories do not like automated submission as it plays havoc with their application, review and acceptance process. Directories also have varying application forms some only require information such as URL and Your Email whilst others require details about your site such as description and keywords. some Search engines/directories require you to complete a detailed form and to carefully select the category and sub heading category that best suits your websites content.

  • Simple - Email and URL
  • Intermediate - Email and URL, Description, Keywords, Category
  • Complex - Email & URL, Description, Keywords, Category and sub category selection which needs manual involvement as some forms are complex and detailed.

An automated submission service is not sophisticated enough to cope with these complexities. Invariably they only submit your site to the lowest level of submission form, namely the simple form, which means you miss out on the more important directories. If you use a completely automated system, you will be at the mercy of those simple directories to classify your website in the correct category which is unlikely and out of your control. If you are going to submit to these directories, it's important your site is classified correctly. A growing number of directories are placing obstacles to 'block' automated software so your money will be mostly wasted as these will end up as failed attempts.

LinkMaster is totally different as we have manually checked, categorised and classified all of the directories in our comprehensive database which has been collated since 2000 into product / topic, geographic, then into Simple, Intermediate and Complex and split into the free and the paid and by price as well. We are constantly reviewing new directories and adding them to our comprehensive database and checking our existing list to weed out defunct and 'taken over' directories which are quite common.

Frequently Asked Questions

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