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About Us

LinkMaster is a smart, ethical and very effective service, developed by Web Site Factory which has many years experience in web design and promotion. We have used this experience to develop and perfect LinkMaster over the past few years.

We will handle your link submission and link exchange activities. This frees you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Our trained staff have experience in submitting to directories, Search engine optimisation (SEO), exchanging links and many other Internet Marketing activities.

LinkMaster is both time saving and effective whilst maintaining a totally ethical approach to SEO and SEM Web Marketing. With so many short term solutions being marketed by companies that are potentially damaging to the web owner in the long term it seemed appropriate to develop a programme that worked safely and still retained skilled human involvement whilst automating some of the more basic time consuming data input requirements.

LinkMaster is the culmination of years of practical research and commercial application. As a company which owned our own successful websites, we realised the need for a system to help manage the marketing of our websites. We decided that it was necessary to build our own software and management system to do what we wanted as there was nothing in the market that did what we wanted. Such is the need for such a programme that it made sense to develop it for use by others to offer its services to other web owners who wanted to develop their website in the same ethical way.

LinkMaster was developed with the following aims:

  • Help save submission time by reducing the overheads and time wasted by using different software.
  • Increase the number of quality link exchanges whilst reducing the time and effort involved in performing this important job.
  • Record information on submissions and create reports for our own marketing managers to help them monitor progress on sites.

We don't believe in short term gain but we do believe in long term results that have longevity and life for the future. LinkMaster is evolving constantly in tune with the Internet and the ever changing refinements made by leading search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

LinkMaster has been developed around sound solid principals that all leading search engines recognise as valid, reliable and ethical methods of web marketing growth. The one thing that is constant in the web business is change and LinkMaster has been designed to grow with those changes.

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