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About LinkMaster Link Management Service

It is vital for any website that wants to be successful, and get top positions on the search engines, to have a large number of incoming links from other websites and directories.

There needs to be a comprehensive and focused strategy on link building for each website. The old haphazard way of submissions and link exchanges will not produce satisfactory results in the future.

We will handle your link submission and link exchange activities. This frees you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. The LinkMaster Link Management Service improves the speed of submissions to directories and search engines and makes link exchanges quicker and easier with more control and monitoring for our marketing managers.

We would like to reassure you that LinkMaster is not an automated programme but a very smart marketing system which incorporates all the features of a manually operated service without the associated costs. LinkMaster is a unique combined facility that identifies, collates and categorises directories and enables our clients' websites to be carefully matched to appropriate and relevant directories.

Link checking and monitoring is a full time job and with LinkMaster you can be assured that we will both thoroughly check all links and most importantly monitor ongoing link management.

LinkMaster is not an automated submission system, which sets it apart from the other market alternatives. LinkMaster is the result of years of web marketing experience and the culmination of link comprehension and link management strategies which are vital to the development and marketing effectiveness for any website entrepreneur.

LinkMaster combines the unique blend of experienced human editorial supervision with sophisticated database management, with the reduction of laborious time consuming manual actions to form a structured, safe and highly ethical method to develop a link management programme and site submission service under one umbrella.

The core of our system is the retention of the human involvement of this selection and classification process so as to ensure the essential elements of control whilst eliminating the traditional labour intensive elements.

LinkMaster is safe as it is founded on the clear perceptions of ethical web management and does not in any way conflict with leading Search Engines algorithms or conflicts with any link management protocols and is at the cutting edge of SEM and SEO development. LinkMaster can be used to develop a link strategy that is totally relevant, effective and cost efficient.

LinkMaster offers every web owner a unique service which is specifically tailored to your needs and budget to provide an effective and above all ethical process to improve your web marketing effectiveness.

LinkMaster is the perfect marriage between database management and the simplification of the process with the vital human involvement to offer a truly personal tailored service like no other link submission service available on the Internet today?

To find out how LinkMaster can help your web business grow, at a very competitive rate, then simply complete this form.

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