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Getting links to a website

There are a number of ways of getting links to your website including registering on directories, link exchanges and getting links naturally from articles on other sites, etc. The best method is getting links from directories and Link exchanges are also good. Other methods such as natural link growth take time.

Natural Link growth
As more and more people find your site, they may add a link to your site from their own website if they think their readers would benefit from the information on your site.
Some sites may link to you without asking, and others may add a link to your site if you ask them and they feel it's useful for their readers.

Although Natural Link growth is good, it takes a lot of time to build up a large number of links. And of course there has to be a reason for them to link to you. If you have a website without any interesting content, it is unlikely that you will get many links this way.

Registering on directories and search engines
There are hundreds of directories and search engines. It is important to be listed on as many of these as possible. Although most of the Search traffic is generated by the top three search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN, it is still necessary to register with the others. Even if these directories don't send any visitors to the site, a listing in the directory provides another link to your site helping you get better rankings. If you register on a hundred directories, that's 100 good quality incoming links for your site to boost your rankings.

Sometimes specialised directories can give good results by sending visitors to the site as well as improving ranking. For example if your site is related to travel insurance, getting it listed in a travel directory or a directory of insurance companies might bring you a few customers.

Link exchanges
Registering on directories can only get you so far. There are only so many directories that you can submit to before running out. The answer is to exchange links with other sites. Basically they provide a link to your site and in return you provide a link to their site. There are limitations to exchanging links and not all link exchanges are suitable. We deal with finding suitable link exchanges for your website. The most important thing is to make sure that the site you are linking to is relevant to the theme of your own site. If your site is selling jewellery, there is little to be gained by linking to an accountant's website or travel insurance website.

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