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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deal with submissions to directories and search engines?

We can personally tailor your desired submissions according to your product or service, geographic requirements, free or paid and to how many you require.

We offer you a truly tailored and personal submission service with LinkMaster.

We arrange to submit your site to relevant and topic specific directories, to the correct category or classification, with descriptions and keywords which we can optimise and create for you. Our trained staff complete the submission forms manually and deal with the confirmation emails to confirm your application and we deal with the whole process from beginning to end.

Many directories will send a confirmation email which our trained operators deal with. These emails can be set up such as and then redirected to us, so that you don't have to be bothered with them. We can deal with them on your behalf to leave you free to run your business.

These confirmation emails will require action such as clicking back to confirm and or supplying further information about your site such as descriptions and keywords even on the simple applications. They may also contain questions about supplementary information in support of your submission, and our trained submissions operators will deal with this for you. If you fail to respond to these submission emails your application will be trashed.

We tailor your accurate submission service according to your monthly budget so you can plan your SEM Search Engine Marketing to suit you.

The cost of this service will vary depending upon your type of business and the targeted growth you are aiming to achieve over a time period.

Frequently Asked Questions

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