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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we update the link exchange pages on our site?

We have built the LinkMaster link exchange software so that it minimises the disturbance to your existing design. You do not need to give us access to your server or website so there are no security or privacy issues to worry about.

First you select the categories and types of sites that you want to exchange links with. We also require a template page which looks like your general site layout.

As links are added and verified, pages are created on our own server in a secure and restricted area.

You can periodically transfer these to your own site's server and place them in a directory on your site e.g. or using one of these methods:

  • Our own script on your server
    We can give you a script that will automatically transfer the pages from our server and write them to the link exchange directory.
  • Special Access Code
    We can give you a login code so that you can log in to your own area on our server and download the pages. You can then FTP them to your own server.

Frequently Asked Questions

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