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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Link Exchange service work?

We use a combination of manual checking and software to find the best sites for exchanging links. The steps below show you how we perform this. This process is repeated constantly so that we can find new good sites and remove bad ones. There are two ways to handle link exchanges, Proactively and reactively.

  • Reactive Link Exchange
    This is when you deal with link exchanges coming in via emails or a link exchange form on your own websites. Most webmasters know about this so we won't go into details.
  • Proactive Link Exchange
    This involves actively going out there and finding sites to exchange links with. We have explained the steps for finding suitable link exchange partners below.

Steps in a Proactive Link Exchange campaign
  1. Find relevant sites
    We spend some time researching and finding relevant sites.
  2. Check the sites
    The sites are checked manually and potential ones are added to a list. Our robots and software then go through and crawl these sites and validate them to ensure they are good sites for a link exchange.
  3. Exchange links
    After the robots have crawled and found suitable candidates for link exchanges, we add the good sites to our database. We then proceed to exchange links with the sites.
  4. Check links
    It is important to periodically check that the site you exchanged links with, still has a link to your site. Some webmasters cheat by removing links or link pages from their site after a period. If you don't check these and remove them, you are linking to them and boosting their link popularity but get nothing in return.

We check all link exchange sites periodically, regardless of whether the link exchange was Reactive or Proactive. It is a sad fact that too many webmasters want to get something for nothing and use tricks to avoid giving you a link in return. We are constantly updating our software and training our staff to combat these cheats so that you benefit from your link exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions

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