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Frequently Asked Questions

But why should I bother to submit my site to the smaller directories?

A good question, which is easy to answer. The vast majority of directories rely upon manual submission so it is important and necessary to maintain a programme of ongoing site submission for a number of good reasons:

  • Submitting your site to relevant directories increases your inbound links. The number of directories you can have your site listed with increases the number of links back to your site.
  • Smaller Directories do not have automated bots as they rely upon a manual submission to include your site.
  • Hundreds of the smaller directories regularly remove listings after a period of time, e.g. 6 months, to clear out dead links so it is necessary to re-submit your site to the same directories periodically.
  • There are probably thousands of directories in Europe let alone in the world, some of which are not worth using and many which are not relevant to your website.

This is an impossible task for a web owner to identify all of the worthwhile directories and no one resource publishes a concise list of all of the directories, it takes years to build a database of sorted directories that have been manually checked, classified into categories and stored. LinkMaster® has done just that.

Submitting your website to these smaller directories is necessary if you are going to improve your Website's rankings. There are literally hundreds and some would say thousands of smaller service, product specific directories that list companies in your industry such as Fashion Directories, Shopping Directories, Manufacturing Directories, Information Directories, Marketing Directories, etc. Directories such as and Thomson are business directories which list business contact information. There also many as geographic specific city, regional, county and Country information Directories. The preceding list will give you an idea of the range of directories and you should get the picture of how difficult it is to find all these directories.

Some of these directories were started by individuals who share a common interest or much larger directories that are run as businesses.

Many of the directories may flourish while others fade away but there is always new directories coming onto the market to replace the ones that fail to become popular. The majority of these directories allow your site to be listed for free, but many charge a fee. The free directories list your company/website as they welcome more listings so as to boost their directory membership. These paid listings directories charge a fee to list your company/website. This might be a one time fee or a monthly/annual fee. These paid listings directories include some of the larger or niche directories which charge a submission fee and even an annual membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

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