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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to submit our site to Google, Yahoo & MSN?

NO it is not necessary

The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN are "smart" directories which are the giants of the Internet and at the cutting edge of web page indexing. They have highly sophisticated automated spider bots, with complicated algorithms, that crawl the web, weekly, daily, hourly to seek out and identify new websites and pages automatically. This means you do not have to submit your site or new pages to them as they will be indexed during the next visit by the "bots" to your site.

How can you be sure?
As long as your website is structured correctly, without obstacles and all your pages are titled with accurate descriptions your pages will eventually be indexed by the main search engines when the bots return to look at your site.

Whilst this is true of the main Directories it is not true of the thousands of smaller directories who rely upon you adding your URL / Site to their directory for inclusion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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